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Online on-demand LTL rates and services.

At last there is an easy-to-use, low cost and effective transportation tool without the cost of high priced technology. EVOS SmartTools™ is pleased to present LTLTools™ – Making LTL Freight Simple!

LTLTools™ allows you to preplan and manage your LTL freight. Through advanced algorithms and web services, LTLTools™ “rate shops” your LTL shipments, displays reports on your favored carriers and sorts them by rate and service standards. Whether you have 5 shipments or 500, this tool makes the decision process quick and easy. Once the carrier charges and services are displayed, the only thing left to do is decide which carrier to use and tender it for pick up.

LTLTools On-Demand LTL Rates and Services

Participating Carriers

Optimize Your LTL Rates / Services

Find rates and services for all your LTL shipments through one online web application.

Think of it like on-line airline ticket shopping sites. LTLTools lets you comparison shop quickly and easily. Enter your shipment information then select the carrier that provides the best service and price and print out your Bill of Lading.

LTLTools™ gets freight charges directly from the carrier with the click of a button.

Using your company’s account information and the characteristics of your shipment, LTLTools™ passes this information to each of your carriers directly. Users have the option to specify consignees with pre-set accessorial requirements. The carrier takes this information and rates your shipment returning the line haul charge, transit days, direct or indirect service times, and accessorial fees.

Make an informed choice with an easy-to-use rate shopping application

  • No more calling multiple carriers to find the best rate
  • No more expensive Transportation Management System
  • See and compare all your carrier options at one time

Get pricing directly from carriers using the carrier’s tariff

  • No more third-party brokers
  • No more fee for expensive rate bureau tariffs
  • Get better rates from carriers because they can use their own tariffs

Save money on every LTL shipment

  • Select the carrier that provides you with the lowest cost and best service
  • Save on limited time rate special from LTL carriers
  • Gives you complete visibility for all accessorial fees before you book the carrier
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