Trans Tools

Flexible & Scalable Shipping Manager

TransTools™ is a set of web-based transportation management system tools that can be used as standalone components and services or as an integrated suite to provide a real-time application needed to accurately build, rate, route, dispatch, track and bill shipments.

TransTools Flexible & Scalable Shipping Manager

TransTools™ makes efficient use of transportation resources by managing the entire shipment process.

TransTools™ supplements your existing freight management systems with needed capabilities.

Works as a standalone tool or as an integrated suite

  • Real-time reporting and management
  • Multi modal transportation management
  • Reduces transportation costs
  • Includes integrated RateTool™, ShipTool™ and BillTool™
  • A robust transportation system that can supplement a system already in place
Optimize Your Shipping / Flexibility

Multi-modal transportation manager

This multi-modal transportation software manages; truckload, LTL, intermodal, rail, air, small parcel and ocean bound shipments. TransTools™ enables your company to increase control over your operations, enhance your customer service and improve transportation efficiency while reducing overall transportation costs.

RateTool™ is a complete rate and contract management process that supports all transportation modes and allows the user a variety of methods to load or update rates and contract information. Terms and conditions, amendments, rates, effective/expiration dates and general contract information are all maintained. Specific lane information is included with dynamic geographic transportation lanes, created and managed with unique point-to-point descriptions and properties.  Use RateToolTM in conjunction with a TMS or to provide rates via web-call to other accounting, order management or sales applications.

ShipTool™ provides a set of tools to enable the user to plan, execute and monitor the pick-up and delivery of shipments across multiple sites and carriers. ShipTools creates the necessary supporting documents and notifications needed for execution and status management across multiple locations and enterprises.

BillTool™ is a complete freight bill audit and payment system that links the shipment with the actual rated contract information. Freight costs can be defined at the shipment level prior to shipping, linking the shipment transaction with contracted rate information. Rated bills can be passed directly to carriers or third parties. Billed amounts can be electronically received and compared, presenting users with only those exceptions that meet a certain criteria.

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