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Strategic Transportation Sourcing

Delivering a robust e-commerce solution for freight sourcing, bidding and pricing negotiation of transportation services.

BidTools™ is a revolutionary idea from EVOS SmartTools, a leading provider of web-based transportation software tools. BidTools™ offers bidding event support for all modes of carriers, including truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), intermodal, small package and air. BidTools™ helps your company get the advantage in freight negotiations, while aiding carriers to bid their best pricing for your traffic. BidTools™ supports your success by helping you focus on what’s most important – your bottom line.

BidTools Savings from Transportation eSourcing

Put Your Sourcing and Bidding in High Gear

With a framework tailored to the realities of today’s transportation companies and support for multiple rounds of freight bidding from hundreds of carriers, BidTools assures a more aggressive and competitive bidding processIt allows you to concentrate on high value-added activities like:

  • Candidate carrier identification
  • Negotiation of service requirements and price
  • Award scenario assessment and selection
  • Contract terms definition

With its rigorous RFI capture and review process, BidTools™ also inspires greater confidence in your freight carrier selection.

  • Filter carrier selections based on RFI responses at any organizational or lane level
  • Easily compare scenarios favoring different types of carriers
  • Have carrier RFI responses at your fingertips while finalizing carrier awards
BidTools™ helps achieve maximum benefits from Strategic Transportation Sourcing approaches, while keeping the process simple and understandable for freight carriers and managers
  • Solicitation of carrier participation and carrier communications
  • Request For Information (RFI) Information capture Supplementary document capture (authority, safety docs, proof of insurance, etc.)
  • Submission and capture of lane bids Request For Quotation (RFQ)
  • Preparation and communication of feedback to carriers for second and third round bidding
  • Development of the award plan
  • Preparation of award documents
Optimize Your Shipping / Contracts

Three powerful tools in one.

What makes BidTools so effective is a powerful trio of components —CommTool™, RFxTool™, and AwardTool™ – that speed you through the entire process.

CommTool provides great two-way communication with your freight carriers, guiding them through the bidding process and letting you keep them up-to-date on the latest developments. Whether 50 carriers or 500, CommTool™ uses mass email management and individual carrier portals to help parties maintain contact and speed the flow of vital information. CommTool™ features:

  • A secure on-line portal for carrier login and RFI/RFQ interaction
  • Full-featured email management for carrier communications
  • Event management supporting invitations to carrier conferences and training
  • Issue Management software to track carrier problems and responses to questions

RFxTool™ manages data from the first RFI through multiple cycles of RFQ bidding. RFxTool™ delivers highly customizable RFI questions to carriers in online entry forms, thus accelerating the capture of carrier/bidder characteristics and ensuring a high rate of completion and enabling award optimization based on RFI responses. RFxTool™ lets the carrier either enter a bid online or input rates in a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet with embedded validations. This popular format allows carriers to upload information at any time with prompt automated feedback alerting them to omissions and issues with their submission. RFXTool™ also allows you to:

  • Upload RFQ bid documents
  • Enter RFI questions and RFQ quotes online in individual carrier portals
  • Upload RFQ Excel files from your desktop
  • Check and report errors automatically
  • Displays carrier-specific bid feedback on-line
  • Project dashboard displays latest status of all aspect of the bid

AwardTool speeds the path from thousands of individual carrier bids across dozens or hundreds of lanes to selecting the freight bids that achieve your company goals and maximize your savings. It then ensures that the mechanics of the award process – soliciting carrier agreements and loading results into your TMS – are handled quickly and easily. While considering capacities, pricing bundles, incumbency and many other constraints, AwardTool™:

  • Optimizes multiple “what if” award scenarios
  • Considers capacities, pricing bundles, incumbency and many other client-defined constraints
  • Maximizes cost savings while minimizing carrier counts
  • Offers a flexible and easy-to-use online lane awards screen
  • Produces all award documents and carrier feedback documents
  • Produces contract files for upload of new carrier rates into aTMS

The bottom line – BidTools™ saves you time and drives results.

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